Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stupid idea

Remember the posts where I was trying to encourage people to build other armies than dwarves? Well, good news... it worked!
On me :/

I've recently started to buy the old Jes Goodwin's skaven to make my own ratmen force. Since I totally lack imagination, I'm dutifully following the list given in WD 137 as a mail order special offer. As I am a reasonable guy (well sort of...), I've decided to focus on the battle force...which is 1500 points worth 'only'. Knowing the cost of a skaven, it means about 80 miniatures!

So, if we recap the current state of my force:
  • 1 White skaven sorcerer with halberd: got it
  • 1 Clan Chieftain with army standard: got it
  • 1 Clan Eshin Assassin: still searching the proper model to convert
  • 36 clanrats warriors: only 15 models
  • 25 skavenslaves: only 16 models, most of them armed with spears
  • 10 Gutter Runners: only 3 models
  • 3 Fire Thrower Teams: got them
  • 2 Jezzailachis Teams: got them (my favorite!)
  • 2 Poison Wind Globadiers: got them
  • 2 Beast Masters and 4 Rat Ogres: got them
So if you suffer from an excess of OOP Citadel ratmen, let me know! Below are the models I'm still looking for: the green dots are totally missing, and I don't have any spare of the uncrossed ones, so I could be interested too.

And as I couldn't finish a post without showing a single mini, here is the only skaven model I have ever painted. It was in 2005, and as you can see, there are some dwarf bits too :o)


Next time hopefully, I'll be able to show some new models.


  1. hmmmmmmmnnnnn, I think-think that to me you may be referring, I have lots-lots of spare ratsies.......................

  2. YES! I've updated the post with my missing models: if you have any duplicate of those, send me an email, it's in my profile :o)

  3. Oh dear, I thought it was a good idea too. I think you've picked the best era for Skaven though, you can't beat the old stuff. I'm working on some DE Scouts by Marauder at the moment, how's your DE collection coming on?

    1. I'm stuck with the witches: can't decide whether they're worth the money or not...
      And for the moment, old Citadel skaven are cheaper on eBay that the Marauder DE: so I'm focused on ratties :o)

    2. Yeah, the prices of the good old stuff seems to have increased over the last year. You can still get the odd bargain but they seem to be getting fewer.

  4. oh, nice! Looking forward to see some more!

  5. Awesome! Very suitable opponents to your dwarfs. This will be fun to follow.

    Any thinking of colors/style for the paintjob yet?


    1. Thanks! I'm still searching an original color scheme... I want to change from the grey and brown tones of my dwarfs, and possibly from the usual greenish colors associated with warpstone. I have to make some tests :op

  6. Hi, i don't know if you are still looking for models but there are lots of metal oop skaven on e bay at the moment.

  7. Is the list up to date lately? I should have a few about.

    1. Not quite up-to-date... but I'm still looking for some Plague monks, giant rats and gutter runners :p

    2. I'll see what I've got going spare. I think most of those I've let go though...

  8. hahaha, your idea backfired LOL

    I have to say, the old Skaven are lovely in an ugly kinda way, I have a small number and it's growing, considering just 2 month and already about 25 figures in.

    It's strange, but Skaven figures just don't seem to sell for much, which means the highestn I've paid in early 2015 IIRC is about £2.odd for A warpfire thrower team, original version, typicaly £1 a figure.... not bad at all I think.

    Oh and that Skaven mini diorama is great!