Sunday, January 28, 2018

Unreleased crossbowman

I'm really happy to have found this unreleased Marauder model. To my knowledge, this is the only crossbowman of the whole Marauder Miniatures range, which explains why I had to enrole older shooters from the Citadel Fighters range. Cherry on the cake, the sculpting job is really clean, with crisp detail, a real pleasure to put some paint on it!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dwarf crossbowman

A short addition (ah ah) to my regiment of crossbowmen, and the first model from the Marauder Miniatures range. Nice sculpting job, and a real pleasure to paint!

Bernard, the Woodsman and the Guard

Second trio of crossbowmen, this time exclusively from the Citadel F2 Fighters range. Bernard Swiftbolt is a variation of the Tilean Mercenary presented before:

As you can see below, the Imperial Woodsman and the Reik Guard are both based on the same body (possibly designed by the Perry twins): the Woodsman shares the same head as the Forester (F2 Fighters range too), and the Reik Guard has the same helmet as the ultra rare Nuln Spearman.

Picture of the Black Stripes:

Friday, January 26, 2018

The scout, the Tilean, and the Mercenary

The Armsbrustschutzen are a mandatory component of an Empire army in the 3rd Ed. Warhammer Armies book... not so easy, when you consider building a force with Marauder Miniatures only. However, as you may know, I've recently solved this issue by extending the initial concept to "anything designed by Aly (and sometimes Trish) Morrison in the eighties".

For this regiment, I had no precise idea in mind for the color scheme: I guess the first painted guy defined the palette for the following ones: black, red and white. So, let's start with the scout of the Citadel Talisman range:

The second painted model is the Tilean Crossbowman from the Citadel F2 Fighter range.

The third one is the Mercenary Crossbowman (same range):

And that's it for the moment!