Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One last hammerer for the Black Boar Company

Hammerers. Done.

Now that I count by 12, I've picked up a last model, not my favorite one, but I had already removed the slotta bar... SoMarauder dwarf with Marauder shield:

The "Black Boar Company" is now complete.

Rat test #2

Another stormvermin, another sculpt by Jes Goodwin.

 The base is ugly, I really have to find something nice (and simple!) for my skaven.

Next  post, back to dwarfs.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Building a Skaven retinue

Skaven then... Even if I'm building a 24-point warband for Dragon Rampant, I still try to stick to the spirit of the Warhammer Armies lists: slaves and clanrat warriors for a start, then we'll see!

  • 1 point: 12 slaves, count as Serfs
  • 3 points: 12 clanrat warriors, count as Foot Yeomen
  • 6 points: 3 Rat Ogres, count as Greater warbeasts 
  • 4 points: 3 Jezzail teams, count as Handgonnes 
  • 4 points: 12 Clanrat Stormvermins, count as Foot Serjeants
  • 2 points: 6 Eshin Gutter runners, count as Bidowers

And I have still 4 points to spend... I'm considering a rat pack of 6 models, but I have no equivalence in mind for them. I'm also considering 3 warpfire-thrower teams, count as Handgonnes again. Last solution would be a new batch of slaves and clanrat warriors, but this would mean 24 additional models to paint... Not sure it's a good idea... unless I consider that Giant rats equal Serfs. So, for the the moment, let us conclude with:
  • 1 point: 9 Giant rats and 3 Moulder beastmasters, count as Serfs,
  • 3 points: 12 Clanrat warriors, count as Foot Yeomen.
And now my first attempt to paint a Stormvermin. Considering the limited equipment, he may eventually join the clanrat warriors.

(wooden shield sculpted by Kev Adams for Hasslefree Miniatures)