Wood Elves

I'm mainly after Jes Goodwin's models sculpted in the eighties (plus some Marauder Miniatures). Red dots indicate the models I have. I'm ready to trade my duplicates.

Wood Elf Command

 Wood Elf Fighters

Spearmen seem incredibly difficult to find. If you have some...

Wood Elf Archers

Unsurprisingly, a lot of Skarloc's troops here. As you can see, I have also started to buy a few Melnibonean Archers to add some diversity...

 Special troops

Elven Cavalry

And finally the chariot (the chest is missing unfortunately)

Marauder Miniatures

Not a big fan of the Morrisons' miniatures here, except the treemen (got them) and these two mounted heroes (got them too):

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