Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lord Edgar of Chalmsford

Red Box Games model again and quite challenging to paint, particularly the helmet and the breastplate. And if you like Tre Manor's work, do not miss his new KS campaign: Barbarian Hordes.

As for the next mini, I'm still hesitating between a new Aenglish guy and one of my old dwarves... We'll see.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lord Bruce MacGregor

First painted Aenglish of the lot I bought during the last Red Box Games KickStarter campaign in 2014.

As you can see, I've tried something slightly different from my usual bases, using static grass tainted with MIG productions rust pigments to give an autumnal look (well, sort of)... And as often, I'm not very happy with my painting, too grey, to clean, I just don't know how to give a 'used' and 'living' look to my NMMs :(

Sunday, February 1, 2015

The engineer and the town cryer

OK, I have completed the crew for my heavy bombard. The least I can say is that I'm not happy with the result, especially the dwarf engineer (right column). The sculpt job is ugly and my painting skills too limited to get a nice result.

In the end, they may join the baggage train and I'll try to paint more convincing crewmen for this cannon.

In the meantime, the trio around their war machine.

(trying to hide the engineer)

So, if I add up my painted points:
  • 21 warriors with double-handed axes and shields, plus standard bearer and musician (293 pts)
  • 20 warriors with spears and shields, plus standard bearer and musician (260 pts)
  • 2x10 crossbowmen (260 pts)
  • 10 giant slayers with light armours and double-handed weapons (120 pts)
  • 10 hammerers plus standard bearer (176 pts)
  • 1 3-man organ gun with light armours (105 pts)
  • 2 3-man cannons with light armours (150 pts)
I have approximately painted the two thirds of my 2000 points... and I think it's time for a dwarf break.

To be continued!