Saturday, February 25, 2017

Militiamen, again and again

It's the third (and hopefully the last!) time I paint these two MM62 models, slightly converted by changing the spearhead and adding a sword to CZ22 and by removing the dagger and giving a shield to CZ23.

The teapot design is an idea stolen to Gary Chalk (check Cadwallon Secrets Book 2) and illustrates the fact that sometimes, guilds can sponsor the equipment of their militiamen :) (here the Herbalists' guild).

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The treasurer and his secretary

I know, I know, two posts ago, I was annoucing the beginning of Pfeildorf's Watch, and now, I'm back with my old militia. The reason is simple: I've recently acquired an unreleased Marauder fighter equipped with a spear, and I couldn't but include him in the militia.

Hence this new citizen, assisted by a MM64 halfling (HL1), to lead a new rank of spearmen. The citizen is not from the Marauder range, as it was released to play the WFRP scenario Shadows Over Bögenhafen. But I'm pretty sure that this Teugen model was sculpted by Aly Morrison, and it will do the job in this Marauder army.

As for the halfling, I've replaced the fork by an imperial icon, and tried to sculpt a little tabard to bear the colors of his employer. In the end, I've opted for a reduced and simplified version of the militia's standard, considering that this late addition will represent the treasurer of the Guild House, rather than a new Guild Master.