Thursday, March 26, 2020

The procession

OK. Third month of the OWAC III, and first weeks of confinement, not as helpful as expected to work on Pieter the Pious and his worshipers. Anyway, I've been able to complete my third unit: a procession of pilgrims led by Bishop Maximus.

Most of the miniatures used here come from the Citadel C03 Clerics series, mainly - if not exclusively ? - designed by Bob Naismith, plus a few models designed by Aly Morrison, and one C46 pilgrim model designed by Trish Carden.

Regarding the conversions, I've tried to emphasize the religious aspect of my pilgrims by adding candles wherever I could. For "Candle head", I had in mind the Dark Souls III Grand Archives Scholar (I'm still trying to find a model suitable for the "candelar sword")

Dark Souls III Grand Archives Scolar

For the standard bearer, I have trimmed down all the cabalistic signs on the robe of the wizard, replaced the staff by a brass rod, glued the flag initially held by Helldorado's Alvaro Echevarria model and topped by a set of plastic candles from the Luminark of Hysh box.

As for the cleric of the BBD1 Dungeon Adventurers set, I have restored the original equipment by replacing the ankh of my variant by a greenstuff cross.
Source: The Stuff of Legends

For Cleric Saint Ogg, I've simply replaced the original head by the hood of a Necromunda Cawdor ganger to give him a more sinister look: 

Regarding the painting, I've tried to apply the same palette on every model:
  • Robes based with a mix of VMC Beige and VMC Chocolate Brown, darkened with Chocolate Brown and VMC Dark Sea Blue and highligthed with Beige and VGC Dead Flesh, 
  • Hoods based with VGC Heavy Charcoil, darkened with pure black and highlighted by adding VGC Bone White to the base,
  • Candles based with GW Rakarth Flesh, then TMP Strong Tone, then VMC Sky Grey and finally VMC Ivory,
  • NMM using a mix Dark Sea Blue and VMC Mahogany Brown, then P3 Greatcoat Grey, then VMC Sky Blue and white.   
C03 - Red Robe
BC1 (Adventurers Starter Set) - Devout Cleric
C03 - Ancient Word
C03 - Ebonite
TL9 - Pilgrim
C46 - Harold the Pilgrim
TL1 - Monk
TL9 - Pilgrim
 Last but not least, the bishop!

TL4 - Priest

And the third regiment completed:

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The knights

For the second month of the OWAC III, I've followed an easy path: a regiment of only 10 miniatures, the noblemen who decided to join Pieter the Pious's quest.

Among the Citadel F2 Fighters and F5 Paladins ranges, I've tried to pick models with a crusader look, complemented by warrior priests. The only conversion made here is the standard bearer: I've simply replaced the left hand holding the original lamp of Sir Osram by a standard coming from an Empire plastic sprue (can't remember which one) and topped by a Black Templars relic.

For the painting, I have used a very limited palette to unify the models, starting with the flag, borrowed to the Knights Templar. The beige tones are made with a mix of white and VGC Heavy Brown, shaded with VMC Flat Earth and The Army Painter Strong Tone wash, and highlighted with VGC Bone White and VMC Ivory. The black tones are even simpler, with a base of VGC Heavy Charcoil, highlighted with VGC Bone White, and shaded with VGA Black or a mix of VMC Dark Sea Blue and Mahogany Brown. The red tones are more complex, with a mix of VMC, P3 and Andrea references.

By order of painting:
Sir Osram

Sir Osram

No name for this one
does anyone know him?
Sir Pression de la Masse
Sir Pression de la Masse
Marauder Fighter F6
Marauder Fighter F6
Bertand the Red
Bertrand the Red
Valdemar the Just
Valdemar the Just
Tarn Sigmarson
Tarn Sigmarson
Sir Kull of Death
Sir Kull of Death
Sir Errol de Swash
Sir Errol de Swash

And the family shots:

See you in March!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

The fools

All right, first month of the OWAC III, I knew that I could use the end of the winter break to paint my most populated unit:15 fools who gave up everything to follow Pieter the Pious.

As mentioned in the introduction post, my plan for this challenge is to use a wide range of Citadel models that couldn't join Pfeildorf's troops. No feather or fancy clothes here, more the medieval kind, most of the time without any piece of armour and, when necessary, equiped with wooden shields (bought years ago to Hasslefree Miniatures and unfortunately, out of production now - yep, even the accessories are OOP here!).

In terms of colors, I've made tests on a first model, slightly modified by adding a candle on the helmet, something I had seen earlier on this Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay illustration:

The Watchman - Carrier art for WFRP 4th Edition

This very ordinary "Imperial Foot Soldier" (his official name) was painted using a limited palette composed of VMC Dark Sea Blue (highlighted by VGC Bonewhite), and a few brown, grey and beige tones. I've also tried to spare some time with very simple bases: a single layer of Agrellan Earth, highlighted with VMC Tan Yellow and then Pale Sand. As I was reasonably satisfied with this first trial, I've used again and again the same tones on too many models, giving something too regular for a bunch of zealots lost in Araby.

From left to right: Harwood, Mercenary, Imperial Foot Soldier, Ernst Stoutheart and Adolf

I've tried then to change the overall look by removing the Dark Sea Blue from my palette. And whenever possible, I've added some candles to illustrate their religious inclinations. Below a few pictures of my attempts:

Mercenary and Mercenary swordsman
Altdorf Axeman and Mercenary Captain
Gunther, Albrecht and Bardach
And finally, the command group:

Marauder Citizen CZ19, Sir Monne de la Monte and Harwood

Family shot! 

See you next month with the noblemen!