Monday, August 20, 2018

Sir Geoffry the Archer... and the first rank complete

A Citadel miniature, for a change. Not 100% sure it was designed by Aly Morrison (even if he is credited for his twin brother Bertrand the Red - see an old post here), but it will do the job.

And the first rank of this regiment of archers:

Citizen CZ25

Undoubtedtly one of the worst models ever sculpted for the Marauder MM62 citizen range: reference CZ25. I don't understand the hair, the face and the pose... anyway, a true collector has to own and paint every single miniature, even the bad ones!

In a desperate attempt to improve the model, I have slightly converted it by removing the dagger in the right hand and replacing it by a GW plastic flag from the Dark Elf cavalry and some bit from an imperial plastic sprue (can't remember which one).

Below my attempts to find a proper scheme for my second unit of archers (with the help of Zibzee on the francophone Warhammer Forum, who supported thorns rather than stars).

And the final result:

Monday, July 23, 2018

Searching inspiration in Gary Chalk's illustrations for Lone Wolf

Like I guess many others, I'm a big fan of Gary Chalk, as I find his work particularly inspiring when painting miniature models. As a matter of fact, I've already used some of his designs for several shields in my Pfeildorf army, based on the illustrations he made more than a decade ago for Cadwallon, the role-playing game published by Rackham, and more than three decades ago for the 3rd edition Warhammer Army Book.

I've recently discovered Project Aon, which provides Internet editions of Lone Wolf books, some being illustrated by Gary Chalk. This post is a convenient way to archive all the designs that could be useful in the future to paint my imperial army.

Enjoy, or follow the links (in the titles) to re-discover Lone Wolf Adventures and Gary Chalk's illustrations.

Flight from the Dark

Fire on the Water

The Caverns of Kalte

The Chasm of Doom

 Shadow on the Sand


The Kingdoms of Terror

 Castle Death

The Jungle of Horrors

Lone Wolf Poster Painting Book

 (check the PDF online)

The Magnamund Companion

(again,  check the PDF online)

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fighter F19

Another archer for the Mordheim challenge: this one comes from the Marauder MM60 range. Nothing new in terms of colors, as I've used the same scheme as for the militiamen of the Guild House.