Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1121 points

Family photo of my Citadel slayers. Obviously, the standard bearer is not everyone's cup of tea and I may decide in the future to replace him by an "ordinary" slayer. I'll see if I can grab the old dragon slayer on eBay...

Anyway, I will count them as Giant Slayers and give them light armours and double-handed weapons:

So 10 times 8 +2 + 2 makes 120 points: I am now the proud owner of a 1121 pt dwarf army :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slayers #7 to #10

Last batch of slayers, nothing much to write except that for the last guy, I've replaced the original weapons by an axe and a dagger from the Hasslefree dwarf weapons set.

And now, you know what I did from my evenings the last two months. What a life :p

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Throbin Dead Eye, slayer #6 and standard bearer

This is the second time I paint a Throbin Dead Eye miniature, anb hopefully the last one :) I'm not a big fan of this sculpture, but it was the only mini I had that I could convert into a standard bearer slayer.

As you can see, I have simply replaced the axe by a flag from a prepainted Confrontation miniature and I've tried to clean as much as possible the layer of paint to get a smooth surface before undercoating the whole mini in white.

And now the painting. With my "kind of" crusade army theme, all my standard bearers have a black cross as emblem:

So, keeping this theme in mind, I've tried to find something suitable for a bunch of orange hair mad killers with suicidal tendencies. And finally, it's just a black cross on a white background with "trollslayer" written in the middle...

The red gems are here as a reminder of the dead eye of Throbin, as you can see below:

Hmmm... should have spent more time on the shadowing, particularly in the back :(

Friday, July 25, 2014

Slayers #1 to #5

All right, it's time to unleash my slayers on the web. To tell the truth, I'm not totally happy with them, one of my (many) weaknesses being the painting of a convincing flesh on large areas (well, sort of large). Anyway, the deadline for the Bugman's contest is in two days, so I have no time left for improvement. Pictures now!

All in line:

See you tomorrow for the next batch of orange guys :)