Monday, April 30, 2018

Citizen CZ24

First feminine (well, kind of) model of the army, this barmaid will be part of the baggage train. Her sister, holding a broom, will follow soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Citizen CZ20

I've started this model during my last holidays, when I ran out of bergjaegers to paint. This is a Marauder MM62 model, referenced as CZ20. Like most of the miniatures from this range, the proportions are slightly odd, and I assume that Trish Morrison is their designer.

I've spent some time on the drum, trying to find a proper design: cross, sun, stains, nothing worked until I remembered Pandera's comment saying that my painting style lacked "oldhammerness". I've then tried the good old red & grinning face... and it worked: sad face for the beaten side, and smiling face for the rear one :)

I don't know yet which unit this musician will join. We'll see.

Something different

Years ago, I proposed to paint a few models for the RoboRally boardgame of a friend of mine. Now he can play with ONE model :)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bergjaeger #10: the unreleased hunter

At last! The tenth forester is finally done: this is an unreleased Marauder Miniatures warrior I bought last year, and to be honest, I've had some difficulties to find a proper color scheme. In addition, as I didn't want to cut the slotta bar off, I couldn't make the model stand on a rock, which makes him slightly smaller than the other miniatures he's supposed to lead... Anyway.

And here is the completed regiment:

Considering the hornblower as a musician and the druid/magic user as a staff bearer, this unit is 156 points worth, which means that my imperial force finally reaches the 1000-point threshold. Yippee!

It is time to unlock a first stretch goal... an element of the baggage train :) 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Bergjaeger #9: the staff bearer

This model is an unreleased Marauder Miniatures wizard (or Magic User) initially referenced MU3. It is now distributed by Warmonger Miniatures as a "Time Warped Wizard". To be honest, I understand why this model was not released, as the sculpting job is err... quite bad actually.

I've tried to improve it by replacing the original staff with a new one, stolen from a Rackham orc shaman. I will count him as a staff/standard bearer :)

And here is the third trio of foresters: