Thursday, August 23, 2018

Fighter F14

And to conclude my Mordheim warband painted for a challenge on the francophone Warhammer Forum, here is the Captain, a fighter of the MM60 range to whom I have given a pistol (Mordheim plastic sprue).

Family shot:

This challenge gave me the opportunity to complete a 3rd rank in my unit of mercenary swordsmen.

And the unit so far:

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Fighter F18

Another addition to the Mordheim Mercenary warband: Fighter F18, from the MM60 range. Very nice sculpt.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Fighter F16

There's something bretonnian with this MM60 fighter and I initially wanted to paint the shield with fleur-de-lis. Ermines happen to be easier...

Sir Geoffry the Archer... and the first rank complete

A Citadel miniature, for a change. Not 100% sure it was designed by Aly Morrison (even if he is credited for his twin brother Bertrand the Red - see an old post here), but it will do the job.

And the first rank of this regiment of archers:

Citizen CZ25

Undoubtedtly one of the worst models ever sculpted for the Marauder MM62 citizen range: reference CZ25. I don't understand the hair, the face and the pose... anyway, a true collector has to own and paint every single miniature, even the bad ones!

In a desperate attempt to improve the model, I have slightly converted it by removing the dagger in the right hand and replacing it by a GW plastic flag from the Dark Elf cavalry and some bit from an imperial plastic sprue (can't remember which one).

Below my attempts to find a proper scheme for my second unit of archers (with the help of Zibzee on the francophone Warhammer Forum, who supported thorns rather than stars).

And the final result: