Sunday, September 16, 2018

The beginnings of the Söllsguard

The knights of the Söllsguard are noble warriors who swore allegiance to the Elector of Sudenland. After Grand Baroness Etelka Toppenheimer agreed to relinquish Sudenland' Electoral status and the province's independance, the Söllsguard remained to her service, with barracks in Castle Alderhost, official residence of the Toppenheimers in Pfeildorf,  and in Castle Mecklenburg, outside the village of the same name, where Baroness Etelka holds her Summer Court.

The Söllsguard foot knights are protected with ancient armoured suits of full plate, and armed with heavy swords, maces or halberds. The origin of the coppery tones of the armours is unclear, but some scholars think that they may be of dwarf  craftmanship, and would date back to old alliances between dwarf kingdoms in the Grey Mountains and the lords of Sölland. In any case, these armours are treated with great care by their owners, and the damaged parts dutifully restaured, even if it sometimes means replacing the mysterious alloy by more ordinary steel.

OK, time to start a new regiment! I plan to use extensively and possibly exclusively the five Reiksguard models released by Marauder Miniatures: like the MM65 flagellants, they are incredibly big compared to the rest of the imperial range, and I am not sure I can mix them with older Citadel fighters. I'll try to vary the colors of the NMMs to give some variety to the regiment...

This model is a test for an online contest hosted by the francophone Warhammer Forum. Not sure yet I can participate, but the objective is to paint the elite troops of my Pfeildorf army, namely foot knights (MM65), mounted knights (MM66), war machines and heroes. We'll see...

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ogre bodyguard

Ultimate addition to my Mordheim warband, the mercenary ogre (MM41). I still don't know how I should have painted the shirt (too much white here), but I'm pleased to see this model finished :)

And the whole mercenary warband: