Sunday, November 3, 2013

Crossbowmen #19 and #20

Shame on me, only one post in Octobrer, this has to change! So I've finally decided to join the third season of the Brush Slave League on the Chaos Dwarfs forum. For the first month, I was able to finish three quarellers, insufficient to get the maximum points with the rules, but enough to complete my second unit of quarellers. Yipee!

First some blurry pictures (sorry about that).

And now my third completed unit...

 OK... What next? Probably some dwarf warriors, this time equipped with spears and shields.


  1. Fantastic minis.....again! Dwarves with spears is a great idea too. Can't wait to see them.
    Can i ask, what colour do you undercoat your minis and how do you fix them to those fabulous bases?

  2. Sure. The models are primed with Citadel white undercoat
    for the fixation, I always remove the bar under the minis and drill a small hole in one of the feet to glue a piece of wire: when the base is ready, I simply drill a hole in the cork correspondign to the position of the foot and glue the painted model on it. That's all.

  3. Thanks very much. Do you undercoat in white even when doing chainmails? Your work is incredible amd had inspired me to paint up my throng for my son to learn the joy our hobby brings. Thanks again :-)

  4. Yes. Always in white. Lucky you to have an excuse for painting for your son :)

  5. Indeed :-) although i fear he may have had his head turned by an undead army! :-( oh well....hammers do make a lovely crunch sound on decaying old bones :-D

  6. great to see that unit finally finished :D