Marauder Dark Elves

The red dots indicate the models I have. Trades possible with duplicates.

MM70 and MB3 core troops


And this picture is only here to remind me that I have to stop buying MB3 models (except one additional musician maybe).

MM71/MM72 Cavalry

With the help of Darkblade (thanks again!), I've been able to gather a small band of Doomsteeds. I'm trying now to build a regiment of 5 Cold one riders.

Note: I also have 1 F body (not shown above) and 1 alternative set of legs.

MM73 Special troops

The minimum number of witch elves (10) is reached. Done.

I'm more concerned about the whelp masters and their warhounds. They seem to be the most wanted (and expensive) dark elves in the universe...

Scouts done:

No hurry for the assassins, I'm really not fond of the miniatures...

MB11 Hydra

Admittedly not the nicest model of the Marauder range. Got one :)

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