Chaos Dwarfs

When GW released this new army in the early nineties, I really really hated it: the static poses, the colour scheme, the creatures (the Lammasu!!!), I couldn't understand why they had changed the old chaos dwarves for that...

Today, I have mixed feelings about them. I have ended up appreciating the assyrian look, but I regret the lack of dynamism of the foot models, and I'm still not fond of the warmachines. Despite that, I have started to collect a small army (and yes, I've finally bought a Lammasu...).

As always, trades possible with duplicates.

Big Hats

Still looking for duplicates of blunderbuss models 5, 6 and 7, and of course the two leaders with swords.

Two missing models of bull centaurs (trades possible).

Regarding heroes, I'm after the second hero and the sorcerer on foot, and the dwarf lord on Great Taurus:

And for warmachines, I have more than enough rocket launchers, but I'd like to complete the crew for the second Earthsharker Cannon:


Still unsure about their allies, the hobgolins. I've started to gather a small bunch of them.

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