Sunday, February 25, 2018

Bergjaeger #4: the Woodsman

Another Aly Morrison's design, this time for Talisman: the Woodsman. The bow and the arrows are additions coming from plastic sprues (Mordheim and Perry Miniatures). Rather fun to paint :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Bergjaeger #3

This third scout comes from the MM62 Citizen range: I have slightly modified the original model by adding a bow and a few arrows in his back, so that he better fits in the band of foresters.

For the hawk, I've tried to follow the indications given by this picture:

And here is my first trio:

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Jan Oak Heart, Berjaeger #2

This second scout comes from the Citadel F2 fighter range: another Aly Morrison's sculpt...

That's it for the moment...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Darvin the Bergjaeger

After completing the crossbowmen, I decided to start a new regiment of shooters: the scouts, also known as "Bergjaeger" in the Warhammer Fantasy Armies book.
These are trackers and hunters from the mountain regions of the Empire. They are exceptionally resourceful and much valued as scouts.
Possibly resourceful, but undoubtedly shabbily dressed according to the illustration (let's keep that in mind for the selection of models).

When Pfeildorf is in danger, trappers and hunters come down from the Grey Mountains, knowing that the city council can be very generous for its allies. Indeed, even if the city has its own contingents of archers, mustered among the population, with the support of the Bowyers’ and Fletchers’ Guild, the experience and camouflage skills of these hardened hillmen are much valued.

OK. Considering these few elements of context, I knew that I couldn't re-use the same colors as the remainder of the army (they're not from Pfeildorf), and I also needed to paint them in "camouflage" tones. Initially, I wanted to use desaturated brown and green tones, with a bright red for the tails of arrows (well, not so bright actually). As you can see on the Citadel "Dog of Wars" model, Darvin, the result wasn't very convincing.

Discussions with my pal Haekel made me realise that even if I used different colors, all of them had more or less the same value (or lightness), resulting in a rather dull model. It's easier to see in black and white: check the arrows, the green shirt and the brown hood, we can barely make the difference!

To improve the contrasts, I've given up the red tails idea, darkened the trousers, lightened the shirt and used a colder brown for the hood to make the face stand out. And, although it is barely visible on the picture, I've also reddened the noise to add a small touch of colour.

"Better, but the feet and the trousers are too clean!" said Haekel.

So, here is the final version, with more mud (VMC Leather Brown) on the lower parts. I hope you like it, as this guy should define the color scheme for the whole band.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Pfeildorf's crossbowmen complete

Last but not least, the leader of the regiment: once again, the model comes from the Citadel F2 Fighters range and was named "Altford Captain".

Nobody knows in Pfeildorf why the "Captain" left the imperial army (he still wears his eagled tabard), but his experience is welcome to lead the crossbowmen hired for the protection of the free city. As you can guess from his equipment, he's not particularly interested in the shooting thing, and the shield serves as a reminder that his troops are not really versed in hand-to-hand combat.

With this last model, the mandatory troops to field a 3rd edition Empire army are finally completed (yes!)...

 ... which makes only 100 points: I haven't reached yet my first thousand points of painted models...

For the next unit, I'm considering a small band of foresters. W&S. (I also have to finish the City Guard).

Crossbowman #9

Another Tilean Mercenary from the F2 Fighters range:

And the third trio: