Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stupid idea

Remember the posts where I was trying to encourage people to build other armies than dwarves? Well, good news... it worked!
On me :/

I've recently started to buy the old Jes Goodwin's skaven to make my own ratmen force. Since I totally lack imagination, I'm dutifully following the list given in WD 137 as a mail order special offer. As I am a reasonable guy (well sort of...), I've decided to focus on the battle force...which is 1500 points worth 'only'. Knowing the cost of a skaven, it means about 80 miniatures!

So, if we recap the current state of my force:
  • 1 White skaven sorcerer with halberd: got it
  • 1 Clan Chieftain with army standard: got it
  • 1 Clan Eshin Assassin: still searching the proper model to convert
  • 36 clanrats warriors: only 15 models
  • 25 skavenslaves: only 16 models, most of them armed with spears
  • 10 Gutter Runners: only 3 models
  • 3 Fire Thrower Teams: got them
  • 2 Jezzailachis Teams: got them (my favorite!)
  • 2 Poison Wind Globadiers: got them
  • 2 Beast Masters and 4 Rat Ogres: got them
So if you suffer from an excess of OOP Citadel ratmen, let me know! Below are the models I'm still looking for: the green dots are totally missing, and I don't have any spare of the uncrossed ones, so I could be interested too.

And as I couldn't finish a post without showing a single mini, here is the only skaven model I have ever painted. It was in 2005, and as you can see, there are some dwarf bits too :o)


Next time hopefully, I'll be able to show some new models.