Sunday, December 11, 2016

2016 re-cap

Last post of the year, it's time to have a look at what I have painted and collected over the last 11 and a half months.


No suprise here, except a miniature for railway modelling and a Bood-Wargames dwarf , I've focused my efforts on my Empire army, using mainly the Marauder Miniatures sculpted by Aly Morrison and Trish Carden.

Since January, I've been able to paint 34 models, including 7 MM60 fighters, 10 MM62 citizens, 5 MM64 halflings, 7 MM65 flagellants, 1 MM41 ogre, 1 unreleased Marauder wizard and 3 Citadel miniatures (F2 fanatic, C46 mastersmith and TL8 merchant).

My first completed unit is the flagellants, painted using a faded palette of brown, green and grey colors. Considering what the 'Eavy Metal team painted 25 years ago, I wish I had added some details on the robes and the banner and used more colors. Well... maybe for the second batch of flagellants, initiated with a Citadel model sculpted by Aly Morrison.

The second unit I'm working on is the militia hired by the Guildmasters of Pfeildorf. My initial plan was to use the leather tones of the gambesons to unify the different models (mainly composed of MM62 citizen). But over the last few months, I've realised that painting elaborate coat of arms designs was quite fun, and I've started to rework the militia by adding townsfolk and shield bearers. I still have one rank to paint (including the standard bearer and the musician) to consider this regiment complete: hopefully, Christmas holidays will be sufficient to paint the 5 missing models.

The third unit to complete is composed of hired soldiers, mainly equipped with great swords. Considering them as mercenaries is the only way I've found to include the fighters of the MM60 range. So far, only 5 models painted. More to come next year!

The fourth unit I have in mind are the 20 mandatory halberdiers of the 3rd edition army list... well, not much progress here, with only one beta-test model (shield to re-paint).

... and Collecting

2016 has been a great  year for the oldhammer collectors, with the release by Wargames Foundry / Warmonger Miniatures of the Empire Magic Users initially designed for Marauder Minatures. So far, I've only succeeded in painting Magic User MU9. Still 4 wizards to complete  (admittedly not the finest miniatures, particularly MU1 and MU3)

(From left to right: Magic Users MU1, MU3, MU6, MU7 and MU9 - check this link for further details)

On a more personal point of view, I've finally been able to complete my MM60 collection, by acquiring the last missing fighter (F20), and I'm slowly filling the gaps in the MM62  citizens.

Last but not least, I've been lucky enough to pick up two unreleased Marauder Miniatures: an archer (already identified by the CCM Wiki) and a crossbowman, never seen before. And in both cases, the sculpting job is really outstanding!

So what's next?

As I said, my top priority is the completion of the militia. After that, several possibilities:
  • adding a second rank of hired swords;
  • starting the halberdiers;
  • painting a regiment of archers (including the unreleased model).

Now my recent acquisition of the unreleased crossbowman raises a lot of questions: should I paint it, or try instead to find a way to make duplicates of it, so that I can field a regiment of 100% Marauder shooters? I'll see what I can do next year...

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.