Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jaeckel the Idolator

All right, new year, new resolutions, it's time for confession (Forgive me Grungni, because I have sinned): you may have noticed that I'm a great fan of Citadel and Marauder imperial dwarves (it's all Wayne England's fault!). But there is a second army I'd like to paint: the Despoilers of Kaon the Idolator. The advert for this splendid Marauder Miniatures Chaos army was published in White Dwarf #135 (yeah, the mythical issue with Wayne England's longbeards unit) and the about 60 models were sold 57 pounds... Of course, I couldn't afford to buy them in 1991.

So, twenty years later, I'm trying to collect one by one the members of this glorious Chaos band. Luckily, these models are not that rare (except the chaos knights), and I hope that by the end of 2013, my quest will be achieved (and the painting, finished by the end of... let's say 2020).

So, here is the current state of my collection:

  • Kaon the Idolator (got it): not exactly the most impressive griffon ever produced, but still an interesting model, which could really stand out if fixed on an appropriate base
MM43 - Chaos Champion on War Griffon / MM92 - Mounted Chaos Warrior

  • Varshak Doombringer (got it)

  • Beastmaster and two Chaos Hounds (got it): probably one of my favorite units in this army. I should paint them for a round of the Brush Slave League on the Chaos Dwarfs Online forum.
MM93 - Chaos Beastmaster and Hounds

  • Steelhorn's Murderers: ahem... OK, let's face it, these models are far from being the best beastmen ever sculpted for Warhammer. Up to now, I've found 16 of them, and to tell the truth, I don't feel an uncontrollable urge to finish this band. Maybe I'll use a minotaur as unit filler... 
MM97 - Chaos Beastmen

  • Haken's Reavers (got them): 10 chaos thugs. The models are rather cool, too bad there's only two kind of basic archers (to my knowledge).

  • Dieter's Marauders: OK, this is the hard part of this collection: finding 5 complete chaos knights with various (and possibly unreferenced) steeds. Up to now, I've only succeeded in buying two of them. Dear reader, if you want to get rid of yours, let me know, I'm interested! 
MM92 - Mounted Chaos Warriors

  • Chaos dwarf allies (got them all, yipee!):  last but not least, the Chaos dwarfs of Grimni the Twisted. These models are great... if one excepts the shields. I'm still looking for a solution to replace them.
MM90 - Chaos Dwarfs
I'm currently working on the bases of two dwarves I painted last year and I should post them soon...

Happy new year!


  1. Wonderful! this will be a joy to watch. These are some of my favorite chaos figures and I will be working on mine this year as well. I agree about the lackluster Beastman sculpts (other than the command which I love)...in case you didn't know there are 4 other Marauder sculpts that weren't sold with the unit that can fit in very well with this unit...you can see most of the options here: http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Chaos_Beastmen_-_MM97
    there is one more guy with a pole axe that I can take a picture of if you want. these additional figures kind of break up the unit a little more.

    I wish the same was true of the Thugs...I've been trying to fit in some citadel thugs in with this unit but most are of such a different style that they don't fit very well.

    I'm still in need of the mounted knights as well...if you come up with some extra chaos mounts...keep your old friend Blue in mind...;-)

    1. Thanks Blue for this link, I didn't know this page (and now I know what to seek on eBay to complete this unit). By the way, yes, I'd like to see the last guy which is not referenced by the CCM wiki

      And for the mounted chaos warriors, I've a better idea: since you already collect dwarves and gobbos, you should give up Chaos and sell me back your knights :p

  2. Rhaa la chance, tu as le maître des bêtes et les clebards!
    Tu es booké pour 10 ans avec tout ça... on sait que le niveau du blog va se maintenir au moins :P
    Curieux de voir ce bon vieux chaos avec ta patte :)

  3. Ben, il n'est pas si dur à chopper sur eBay, il faut juste être patient... Et je n'exclue pas mettre aussi à jour le site Haekel & Jaeckel :p

  4. I am not sure about Kaon the Idolator but I will wait too see your magic the figure is so odd for me!

    I think you should paint the Gors like the one on your joint webpage (sorry I am not sure who painted you or Haeckel? - i tried to find it!)

    1. The Gor was from me. Well, I'll think about it: I'd like to a color scheme that has some links with the red armours of my chaos dwarfs...

    2. Add more red to the weathering and rusting?