Thursday, January 17, 2013


Usually, I'm not a great fan of fantasy comic books (most of the scenarios are utterly predictible), but from time to time, I give them a try. Mjöllnir is a French comic, the main characters of which are... dwarfs!

Mjöllnir Volume 1 - Published by Soleil Celtic

I cannot say that the story is striking by its originality, but the illustrations are quite good, and the colours are exactly what I'm looking for for my army: browns, grays, blacks and whites, but much more vibrant than mine. I have to find the receipe for these white tabards!

This first volume also features some preparatory sketches by Pierre-Denis Goux. To be honest, I've bought the comic book for these 6 additional pages. Here are some of the drawings you can see:

(More to see on Galerie Napoleon website)

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