Monday, December 31, 2012

Dwarf warrior #1: Kevnog

I couldn't finish 2012 without a post announcing what comes next year. So, let me present you my first dwarf warrior, Kevnog. As you can see, I've decided to postpone my shield issue by equipping this second unit with double-handed weapons. As I've never understood how one can handle a big axe and use simultaneously a shield, it means that their only protection will be their light armour... Problem solved (for the moment ^_^)

The painting of the scale armour was a little bit challenging, and took much more time than the usual chainmails, since I had to treat the scales one by one to get a result as clean and crisp as possible. His face was also tricky, because in the shadow of the helmet. I've used glazes of pure Vallejo Model Color Oxford Blue to darken the top part of the face, and tried to limit the highlights to GW Dwarf Flesh. And finally, to add some fantasy (ahem), I've opted for black and red stripes on the sleeves: I just hope they're not the colours of a famous football team... unless of course the players are reknown for their ferocity and their long beards :o)


  1. I love this sooo much.

    Those old helms are cool. Maybe I could sculpt just one or focus man!

  2. he looks like he's one very pissed off dwarf, or you know, just pissed LOL