Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ten at last!

YES! With this tenth crosbowman form Marauder Miniatures, I've finally completed my first unit of dwarf crusaders (I know, the theme is still unclear, but it should improve with the addition of shields and regular troops).

And the family pictures:

Second rank

First rank

Let's see how many points this glorious regiment is worth...

Damn... only 130! And I have to paint 10 more to reach the minimum requested. Sigh...

All right, next time, I should post the first recruit for my new unit of dwarf warriors. And if I believe the army list, I'll have to paint at least 20 of them. Sigh again... 


  1. Great unit! good muted colours... Especially the second rank looks good... frontrank is maybe to muted? (and personally I would give the green grass some more hightlight... but that's just me)
    How many models do you plan to paint in total?

  2. Yep. You're probably right with the grass. I'm not totally satisfied with the result.
    As for the number of models, if I stick to the dwarf army list, I have to paint at least 10 additional crossbowmen, plus 40 warriors... And then the warmachines, the longbeards and the thunderers... I prefer not to count :p

  3. Yeah it rocks!!! You're become an army painter :P
    Le liège de tes socles est ponctionné où précisément? Merci.

  4. Dans une planche de liège de 5 mm d'épaisseur que j'ai achetée il y a trèèèèèès longtemps (ça veut dire je ne sais plus où) : je le coupe en deux dans le sens de l'épaisseur avant d'en prélever des morceaux, car les socles et les nains GW sont bien plus petits que leurs équivalents Rackham...
    Pas de quoi !

  5. Merci! J'attends de voir tes hordes nurglesques en unités ;o)

  6. Your work on these venerable minis is truly jaw-dropping. Some of the best - if not the best - work on old lead out there. I look forward to future additions to this excellent project.

  7. Absolutely beautiful. A museum-quality regiment. I envy your talent. Well done, Sir!

    1. Thanks a lot, Gareth and Mouse. I'll do my best so that the upcoming units arouse as much interest as these quarellers.

  8. that is one very beautiful (if one can say such a thing about dwarfs LOL) little unit you have so loveingly painted up.