Sunday, October 28, 2012

Games Day 2012: A new hope

As usual, I went to the french Games Day with my pal Haekel, and, as usual, I'm a little bit disappointed by the event: with so many people and such a poor lighting, it's always difficult to fully appreciate the work of painting and sculpting on the entries. And for us, dawi lovers, it was even worse, since I haven't seen any entry with a beard. Fortunately, Edgar Skomorowski was kind enough to allow me shooting very closely the last models he did for Forge World: three magnificent dwarves that should be on sale in December, which is really good news, since I haven't been expecting anything valuable from Games Workshop for dwarves for a decade.
And finally, the standard bearer with his two fellows:
Edgar, you did an excellent job! I hope other dwarves will follow soon.

I amost forgot: the Slayer Sword was won by Bruno Lavallee, with an Empire griffin. Excellent work (as usual with him):
As you can see, the Warhammer Monster category was very disputed, since the Silver Demon was won by a very talented painter, Jérôme Otremba, with his splendid ork warboss.

Sigh: it's always difficult to find motivation when you know that you can meet one of these guys in your category... I'll see if I can do something with Edgar's dwarves next year!

EDIT on October 30th: OK, the pictures of Edgar's work seem to arouse some interest. Here are two close-up of his standard-bearer (a little blurry, but it's all I've got!)

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