Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beer again

 This month's theme for the Bugman's Brewery painting challenge is... Beer.

I've decided to restart from zero a crossbowman I had painted last year in my last attempt to make a full unit. I had to work (rather) quickly, and I wasn't totally convinced by the result, which lacked of contrast (my usual flaw).

So, new year, new try.
As you can see, the colours haven't changed a lot. I've tried to deepen the shadows with Dark blue, black and Devlan Mud and to reden the face with thin washes of Arcavia Red (a Rackham Color).
Again, the helmet was the most difficult part of the miniature, and I've tried to go from almost pure black (actually a mix of Chaos Black, Dark Sea Blue and Mahogany Brown) to pure white...

Finally, since a friend of mine noticed that a 'desert' base was not very appropriate with such a heavy leather armour, I've opted for a standard 'stone and moss' base. The moss part is not very convincing: I'll try to improve that on the next crossbowman!


  1. The difference is subtle...but significant upon closer inspection. Well done.

  2. it just shows what one year's worth of practice can do!

    I like him much better on the stone base.

  3. It does look (even) better the second time around, and yet I still cannot imagine stripping such a nicely painted mini in the first place. Me, I'd probably buy another casting if I really wanted to redo it.