Thursday, January 2, 2020

New year, new army

After three years dedicated to Pfeildorf, I've decided to take a break, and start... a new imperial army. Yep... Empire... again.

As you may remember, my initial plan was to build an Empire army entirely composed of Marauder Miniatures, based on MM60, MM61, MM62, MM64 and MM65 references. Facing the absence of some types of troops (in particular the crossbowmen, a mandatory regiment according to the Warhammer 3rd edition Army book), I've allowed myself to include Aly (and sometimes Trish) Morrison's models designed earlier for the Citadel and the Talisman range.

Unsurprinsigly, this resulted in a systematic collection of all the imperial miniatures I could find designed by Aly Morrison, and a number of models by far exceeding Pfeildorf's military needs. Despite the recruitement of mercenaries, bowmen, crossbowmen, militiamen and watchmen, the green dots (painted models) remain quite rare compared to the red dots (just owned models).

Rather than extending indefinitely the ranks and files of my Pfeildorfers, I've decided to join the third edition of the OWAC and use the next 6 months to reduce the number of red dots with a new army theme: the crusades against Araby, and more precisely, the one (mis)led by Pieter the Pious.

Illustration by John Blanche - (Kharé - Cityport of Traps)

Once there was a man, who called himself Pieter the Pious, and who led an army of fanatics into the parched land of Araby. On his journey across the Empire, his rhetoric and charisma turned many men, women and children to his cause. They followed behind him, chanting dirges and chastising themselves until their passing was marked with many trails of blood.
Somehow, they managed to find passage across the sea to Araby. But after that, the mouth of history becomes silent. Rumours abound. Were they swallowed by the desert? Were they destroyed by vengeful sand gods? Nobody knows...

Extract from "Armies of the Hammer - The Forgotten Crusades"

(*) Actually: "Blood on the Reik - A journey Through the Old World" - a Black Library product
... but some pretend that their story ended tragically, with the pilgrim army sold into slavery.

Follow ye not in the wake of Pieter
Over the sea to the land of sand,
Your blood will boil in the hot, hot sun,
And into the teeth of death you'll teeter 

Ah, the joy of painting a doomed army :)

All right, let's start with the Empire citizen who followed Pieter's call.
Poorly equiped with rusty weapons and wooden shieds, they are led by a fanatized paladin, Sir Monne de la Monte. I will count them as Ersatzolder (and give them a leather armour to make more points). Note that compared to this picture, posted on OWAC blog in December, I've already changed my mind for the standard bearer, who will join instead the unit of noblemen.

Beggars, crippled veterans, lepers and fanatics are also part of the trip: I will count them as Fleglers, even if they inspire more pity than fear. Since this picture was taken, I've converted the second beggar into a standard-bearer, and the third one into a musician.

Monks and religious will make acceptable Helblitzen. In the heat of the desert, pilgrim's staffs can look like halberds. Compared to this picture, the wizard on the left now holds the standard of the procession, and I've added candles on some staffs. 

Pieter the Pious also managed to convince some noblemen to follow him. Whether they looked for fortune or salvation remains unclear... I will count them as Reiksgards.

When they arrived in Araby, the pilgrims were joined by a few hermits. Living on their own in the Arabian desert, half - if not totally- mad, they make excellent scouts, and will count as Bergjaeger, replacing the traditional long bows by long range arquebuses. Since this picture was taken, the 5th flagellant has been promoted as standard bearer of the company.

Last but not least, Pieter the Pious will be the commander of this pilgrim army: as there is no priest profile in 3rd edition rulebook, let's count him as a wizard. No miniature to show yet, as I plan a conversion involving a war altar...

Illustration by John Blanche (The Seven Serpents)

So, let's count the points:
  • Pieter the Pious  = 240 points
  • 14 Empire citizen led by Sir Monne de la Monte, with standard bearer, musician, shields and leather armours: (16 x 8) + (55+2+3) = 188 points
  • 9 Noblemen, led by Valdemar the Just, with standard bearer, musician and double handed weapons: (11x13) +  (55+2+3) =203 points
  • 11 pilgrims, led by Bishop Maximus, with standard bearer and musician: (13x9) + (85) =  202 points
  • 6 Sandjaeger: 6x13 = 78 points
  • 8 Beggars with musician and standard bearer: 10x9 = 90 points
Around 50 models and 1000 points... I still don't see how I can paint this in six months :)  


  1. Encore une armée qui s'annonce sous les meilleurs auspices. J'ai hâte de suivre tout cela.
    Tu me fais regretter à chaque fois que je visite ton blog d'avoir vendu il y a près de vingt ans des figs des années 80´ 90'. Je ne les aurais certainement pas encore peintes! ;)
    Et merci pour me faire reprendre mes bases d'anglais 😝 C'est pas formidable.

    Bonne peinture, je retourne sur mon 15mm du moment

    1. Merci pour les encouragements :) (ne jamais vendre ses figurines, jamais !)

  2. Hahaha !
    A doomed army led by a fool, is that a hommage to the XXIth century or a legacy for future generations ?
    Good luck my friend on your road to damascus !

    (et n'oublie pas, s'il n'y avait pas de vendeurs, tu ne saurais acheter :P)

  3. I really enjoy your projects and I hope to see progress on the new project soon :)

  4. Look forward to see how this project progresses

  5. Looking forward to this project. Great start so far.

  6. I will definitely be watching this project unfold. That is a really impressive collection of old miniatures you have collected.

    1. Thanks Oli! First unit to be completed by February

  7. Best of luck with the project, always have a soft spot for empire!

    French Wargame Holidays

  8. Tu nous offres là un bien joli projet pour cette nouvelle année, m'sieur.
    J'ai hâte de te voir commencer la peinture.

    1. Merci. Pas de photo avant février, c'est la règle OWAC

  9. Bonne et heureuse année! Je te souhaite plein de réussite dans ce projet (et les autres).
    C'est assez marrant de voir ces illustrations car j'ai reçu à Noel les 4 volumes de Sorcery... Je suis en plein dedans.
    Bonne continuation.

    1. Merci Nico ! Bonne année itou. Il faudrait que je remette la main sur ces bouquins. Donnés il y a bien longtemps, j'aurais dû faire comme pour les figurines : tout garder !