Saturday, October 14, 2017

Watchdogs and beastmaster

Back to Marauder Miniatures! To lead a pack of warhounds borrowed from the Dark Elves range (MM73), I have slightly converted an MM60 fighter (reference F22 - definitely not my favorite) by removing the shield slot and by replacing the original hammer in the right hand with a whip.

For the dogs, I've tried to paint the fur by applying small brush strokes, but seeing the close-ups, I could have been more patient... Anyway.

 Family shot:


  1. Pas évidentes à peindre ces figs de clébards mais ces chiens sont tout à fait réussis! Tu te fais une spécialité de l'insertion "de cachet" dans les unités d'infanterie :)

  2. Merci. Ca m'évite de peindre et repeindre les 3 mêmes hallebardiers de la gamme Marauder :p

  3. The fur on the dogs works really well - superb work!