Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chief Interrogator and Guards of St Quintus Prison

I've finally decided to complete the Guild of Lamplighters and Watchmen before starting anything new. As explained in a previous post, my intent is to work district by district and to paint three blocks of 9 watchmen each with a specific theme.

The first one is Mórrsfeld district, where you can find St. Quintus Prison. You've already met the Warden, the Executioner, and a jailer, it's time to introduce you Theobald Grimm, Chief Interrogator and Torturer of St. Quintus, flanked by two guards.

The two watchmen are Marauder Miniatures from the MM60 Fighters range. I'm not totally convinced by the one on the right, but a collection is a collection, and I have to paint them all. For Theobald, I've used a Citadel model from the Dogs of War range, most probably sculpted by Aly Morrison. Note that the portcullis on the shields is part of the coats of arms of the Watch of Mórrsfeld district.

The standard bearer should follow soon...