Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lord Edgar of Chalmsford

Red Box Games model again and quite challenging to paint, particularly the helmet and the breastplate. And if you like Tre Manor's work, do not miss his new KS campaign: Barbarian Hordes.

As for the next mini, I'm still hesitating between a new Aenglish guy and one of my old dwarves... We'll see.


  1. Lovely stuff, exquisite painting. Now, this may seem a strange question, but can you please tell how you painted the groundwork, I would love to recreate that look?

  2. Sure: sand undercoated in black, painted with Chocolate Brown and German Dark Green (Vallejo Model Color), covered with PVA glue, sprinkled with green flock and colored with rust pigments (orange and red) from MIG production.

    1. Damn good idea with the pigments. Thanks

  3. Green flock and MIG pigments, I have plenty of those, but I would never have thought to combine them like this! Sir, my thanks to you.

  4. Sweet looking armour! Beyond me!