Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lord Bruce MacGregor

First painted Aenglish of the lot I bought during the last Red Box Games KickStarter campaign in 2014.

As you can see, I've tried something slightly different from my usual bases, using static grass tainted with MIG productions rust pigments to give an autumnal look (well, sort of)... And as often, I'm not very happy with my painting, too grey, to clean, I just don't know how to give a 'used' and 'living' look to my NMMs :(


  1. Not sure if it would work on NMM but on metallic paint I find sepia wash and forge world rust/soot powders (in moderation) give a great 'used look'. My style of painting is cruder than yours though so I would be worried about ruining search a good paintjob!!

  2. Those new RBG Aenglish are phenomenal and your painting does them full justice. I take it you will be painting and showcasing more?

  3. You are too harsh, this miniature looks great. NMM is very life like.

  4. Well, thank you all. And yes, I'd like to paint the other ones... Well, at least one more :) (I don't forget that I have an army to complete)

    1. I hope so !
      Your dwarves are awaiting some reinforcements ! ^^

      Nice painting, as always.
      If you want a more aged look, maybe you should add a little more rust and some battledamage...
      But for my taste, your NMM is perfect as it is now.

  5. Ton NMM a vachement plus de relief que d'habitude, la couleur que tu y as mis sans doute :)
    Très joli en tout cas, il faut que je me prenne une poignée de ceux-là bientôt!

  6. Hmmm le relief, tu peux mettre ça sur le compte de la sculpture. N'oublie pas que par rapport aux crottes naines habituelles, il y a un écart de 20 et 30 ans :p

  7. do you sell your minis? if so, how much for one like this RBG knight? Thanks.

  8. I like him as is, it's important to just sometimes take a break from your main army and do something different.