Saturday, January 3, 2015

A war engine for my 100th post

OK, new year and hopefully the last one to conclude this neverending dwarf army story. As usual, I'm starting with what I like the least: here, the Marauder Miniatures organ gun (unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to get the old Citadel one).

If you know the original model, you can see that I have removed the wheel scythes and the mantlet with pikes, too agressive for my taste (and absolutely useless). Despite these modifications, I find the warmachine a little bit oversized for dwarves. Anyway...

As the base was quite large (50x50), I've added a wooden bucket found on an Empire plastic sprue. Concerning the painting job, I've tried to use the same colours as on the first cannon... with less success I'm afraid.

Two more crewmen to paint to add 105 new points to this army :)


  1. Top work! I had one of those organ guns years ago...

  2. Impressive piece of art. Great model.!!!

  3. Rhaaa j'adore, un seul servant avec celui-là?
    Effectivement ton NMM a un poil moins de relief que sur le 1er canon, en même temps tu avais plus de fûts à traiter...

    1. Merci. Non les 2 autres servants sont en cours de peinture.Si j'étais moins fainéant, je reprendrais ces NMM :/

  4. hmm, your right about the cannon being oversized, at first I thought it may have been a re-purposed 3rd edition Bretonnian Organ Gun, but I noticed it has 5 guns, The bret one had 4 or 7....