Monday, December 22, 2014

Dwarf spearmen completed (at last!)

Finally, I've been able to paint my "mandatory troops", more than two years after starting this blog: 40 warriors and 20 crossbowmen.

I knew from the beginning that this last unit would be hard to complete (too many shields, and several models that I don't like) and indeed, it took me more than one year to achieve 20 warriors :( Anyway, enough whining, here they are!

 Hmmm... time to check the points:

OK, so 20 warriors with spears and shields, including a musician and a standard bearer make... 260 points.

Before that, we had:
  • 20 crossbowmen (260 points), 
  • 20 warriors with double-handed weapons, shields, standard bearer and Level 5 hero (303 points), 
  • 10 slayers with light armours and double-handed weapons (120 points), 
  • 10 hammerers with standard bearer (176 points) 
  • 1 3-man cannon, with light armours for the crew (75 points). 
 All in all, this makes a total of 1194 points. Now my objectives for next year are:
  • a 3-man organ gun
  • possibly a second 3-man cannon 
  • possibly a 3-man stone-thrower 
  • a priest (actually a wizard) 
  • the general (either a fighter mounted on boar or a second priest)
  • 6 to 10 hammerers including a musician
  • possibly an army standard bearer
This should be sufficient to reach 2000 points.

I'm also considering reworking this army using the latest army book... at least, this leaves me a chance to play one day with the fully painted thing! The drawback is the 5x4 unit size seems a little bit weak with the new rules. Any advice?


  1. Hey Jaeckel,

    Firstly, these are beautiful. Well worth all the effort, I have been a avid follower for some time.

    I played my first game with the new Dwarf list on Saturday (if you want a shameless link to my battlereport just ask)

    Converting from 3rd to 8th is a big leap. The key I think is the number of Elite Dwarf units you have. A decent sized Hammerer unit will stand you in very good stead. Maybe look at Longbeards and Ironbreakers. Slayers are brilliant with choice of weapons and the new Deathblow rule so more of those would be good. Also remember that points are lower per model in 8th so this could lead to even more painting!

    Good luck, as a 28 year Dwarf player it is great to watch this project florish!


  2. Sure, please leave the link in the comments, I'll read it!
    Hmm... I'm starting to realise that the dwarves I've painted could be useless with the 8th edition: should have focused more on hammerers than on spearmen for a start :/

    1. I am sure considering how beautiful they are most people would house rule them as halyards instead of great weapons or just "count as" Great Weapons

    2. Yeah, but I'm afraid I'll have to paint at least 10 more warriors per unit to get a decent size for 8th edition games.

    3. Nah they just changed 8th edition back to 50% heroes add another lord instead ;) balanced = no; easy and fun to paint = yes.

  3. Beautiful Toy Soldiers are never useless, if you are looking to win tournaments then your pace may be a little off. If you want to Wargame with friends then finding the edition you like/ can access together is the most important thing. This is a hobby not a chore!

    Here is the internet wisdom on 8th ed Dwarfs be careful as it is a specific style of play, for me picking models you love and having fun (with a beer) is more important.

    My Battle report (and blog is here):

    I am no expert (but enthusiasm goes a long way) but I get a lot out of seeing my soldiers do battle.
    Good luck and keep the Dwarfs coming!

  4. I admire your perseverance, Incredible work so far. Any chance of a group shot with the whole army?

    1. Well, thanks a lot. For the group shot, I still have to find a wide enough blue background (and still have to complete the army)

  5. They are wonderful mate so pleased you've persevered! Merry Yuletide as well!

    1. I'm pleased too to have finished this regiment. I should thank GW for cancelling Games Day and Golden Demon in France: I've been focused on this army for two years now without any interruption :p

  6. if it takes 2 years to paint a small force of that quaility, then that's what it takes, your dwarfs are some of the best I have seen, and I'd always go over quailty compared to quanity.