Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hammerer #2

Definitely not my favorite model, but since this dwarf served as a  model for David Gallagher to represent hammerers in the Warhammer 3rd edition army book, I had to include it in my regiment!

As you can see, nothing new with the color scheme: the tabards will stay white with a black stripe in the middle when it is not hidden by the beard.

The only thing I've changed is the receipe for the grey beard:
  • basecoat in GW Fortress Grey,
  • shadows with a mix of Fortress Grey + GW Adeptus Battlegrey, then Adeptus Battlegrey  + GW Graveyard Earth,
  • highlights with Fortress Grey + Graveyard Earth, then Fortress Grey + Graveyard Earth + P3 Menoth White Highlight (a kind of ivory), then pure Menoth White Highlight,
  • and finally, some washes of GW Devlan Mud to deepen the shadows.
Yeah, I know, totally useless if you haven't made any stock of old Citadel references :op


  1. Toujours autant de cachet!
    Le regard n'est pas très visible, il mériterait une pupille plus grosse et plus marquée... c'est comme la barbe, ça compte les yeux :)

    1. Tu as raison, je m'en rends compte sur ces photos :/ L'autre solution serait de le planquer au second rang :p (un autre avantage à travailler sur des unités ^_^)