Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fantasy alternatives

Now that I'm following with interest the Oldhammer community, I have to confess that in the early nineties, I did everything NOT to play Warhammer. I've bought and shortly tested Nick Lund's game 'Fantasy Warriors' then Gary Chalk and Ian Bailey's 'Fanstasy Warlord', with mitigated success in both cases, since I've only played two battles.

If the models produced by Grenadier for 'Fantasy Warriors' were quite good (understandable with sculptors such as Nick Lund, Mark Copplestone or Bob Naismith), I've waited for a long time to see decent dwarves for 'Fantasy Warlord'. Unfortunately, if the illustrator was one of the best you can expect (Gary Chalk for God's sake!), the few miniatures produced for the game were quite disappointing.

See for instance this dwarf wizard: unsurprisingly, I didn't buy it :(

The other illustrations still expect a 3D-translation, since the 'Fantasy Warlord' adventure ended in 1992. Too bad considering the potential of Gary Chalk's work:

The funny thing is that I've recently realised that most of the dwarf miniatures shown in the rulebook were in fact Citadel models! Below some nice pictures of a dwarf army:

OK, these dwarfs are correct, but the humans shown in the rulebook are really great; again, I think most of (all?) the models are from the Citadel range.

Great inspiration for a bretonnian army, isn't it?


  1. A lot of Oldhammer is about dialing down the competitive aspect of your games to allow the narrative side to flourish. The use of a GM is encouraged to help with this. It's not purely about one games system or period miniatures, though with Warhammer being so popular it plays it's part.

    Lovely photos, thanks for posting!

    1. Don't worry, I know that Oldhammer people are open-minded ^_^

  2. Great photos, thank you for uploading them.
    You're right, most of the miniatures are Citadel, many still avaliable from Wargames Foundry. Love the last two photographs.

    I never played Fantasy Warriors, but heard good things about it, interesting subject. I went more to the Alternative Armies rules set post 3rd edition.

  3. Excellent stuff, that second to last picture, the action around the village pond, is just lovely.