Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Brush Slave League

I just wanted to thank Clam for organising the second edition of the Brush Slave League on Chaos Dwarf Online. I'm really happy to have entered this contest, first, because it gave me the opportunity to paint 25 dwarfs in 8 months, and second, because I won! On top of that, Clam has commissioned John Pickford for designing a very nice trophee, the Mad Painter... I'm looking forward to painting this model!

So here is a summary in 8 pictures of what I've painted for the Brush Slave League: dwarfs again and again, and except the ugly mutant, they've been all recruited for my crusader army :o)

Round 1: Brewer, Dimbo and Number 8
Round 2: The Jolly Wood Choppers
Round 3: Ménage à trois
Round 4 (cinema theme): The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Round 5: Three Marauders
Round 6: On my command!
Round 7: Who did shoot Snow White?
Round 8 (cavalry theme): Three Knights of the Red Beard Order

Thanks again Clam! And you painters, do not miss the third season this autumn: it's really fun and encourages you to paint even more minis!


  1. Congratulation! Looks really great!!! /Hans

  2. Congratulations, best dwarf paintjob ever!

  3. Really great and really inspiring work, you must be well chuffed, and looking forward to seeing the mad painter! Keep smiling :)

  4. Congrats. It's has been fantastic having you on board. Excellent painting for each round. It's been such a joy :) Painter and trophy was posted earlier today. Hopefully it will reach you soon.

  5. Lovely work on the Knights! Mind if I share this picture on the blog (with credit of course)?

    1. @all: thanks!
      @WK: sure, you can use the pictures of the knights on your blog.

  6. The mounted Knights are just magnificent.

  7. what a deserving win you had, your models are a joy to look at.