Monday, July 8, 2013

Dwarf knight #1

I know, I know, I was supposed to finish my crossbowmen then... Bam ! Clam announced the theme of the final Brush Slave League round: cavalry... Not exactly good news for a dwarf painter :(   

Fortunately, White Knight has just released two packs of dwarf knights. Their style is clearly inspired from Renaissance armies, but by avoiding fancy plumets, I thought I could give them a medieval look (and I was wrong).

Anyway, my first painted knight was the musician of the band: not much to say, except I've filled the hole in his helmet to avoid adding a crest on top of it. Contrary to my previous dwarves, I've decided here to use pure black mixed with Dark sea blue to deepen the shadows of my NMMs. I'm reasonnably satisfied with the result, except the trumpet, to 'flat', and the flag, because I've been unable to paint a decent black cross on it...



  1. Really fantastic! When I saw them on CDO I literally gasped...that good. I like the addition of well for that much armor.

  2. Excellent :) j'adore cette serie de cavaliers, en plus heavy armor + barded pony... Juste ce qu'il faut pour développer ton style :)
    A++ Nico

  3. Nice mini and (as always) great paintjob. Like the addition of a darken tone to the metal. /Hans

    1. Well, thank you guys, glad to see that you like this painting job... because it took much more time than the usual Citadel dwarfs!

    2. Well, thanks guys, glad to see that you like this model :o)

  4. he may not be a Citadel/Maruder mini, but he looks great none the less.