Monday, May 6, 2013

Dwarf warrior #17

Here is the brother of a warrior I painted a few month ago.

Since I'm not particularly fond of these models, I've decided to improve the new one by replacing its weapon with one of the fantasy axes available on Hasslefree website. Their size fits perfectly to the scale of the old Citadel models and I'll try to use the other ones for other misshaped weapons.
And yes, I stick to my legendary themed shields :o)


  1. Their skin and metals are so bloody smooth that I think I want to eat them! Bloody good job, Jaeckel!

    1. Thanks, but remember that there's some lead under their soft skin ^_^

  2. Are you sure these are 28mm miniatures. The amount of detail you manage to put in, is mind blowing. He's got green eyes for **** sake.

  3. There all brilliant but the one with the hat is my fave. So much character in that face.
    Your painting is simply stunning