Friday, February 8, 2013

Dwarf warriors #8, 9 and 10

Here is my "ménage à trois", three dwarfs with similar poses I've painted for the third round of the Brush Slave League; the first two warriors are Citadel models (look, a lady dwarf!), and the last one is from the Maurauder Minatures range. I'm not totally happy with the result (should have spent more time on the blades for instance) but I hope it will do the job in a regiment... especially if I don't put them in the front rank!

Below, the fourth and third ranks of my fierce axemen...

I haven't decided yet if I finish the second half of this regiment, or if I start a new one (I still have to paint 10 additional crossbowmen to complete the mandatory shooting troops).


  1. Wow into double figures already, well done. I think you're being a bit hard on yourself with reference to the blades because in the last shot all the metals look consistent. It's a superb looking unit so far.
    I must admit I wasn't sure on your choice of bases to start with but I really like them now. Have you got any plans for the standard bearer? Flag or Icons?

  2. Flags, definitely, if I stick to my idea of crusading army. The problem is it's much more difficult to make and paint properly :-/

  3. They are difficult but they would definitely be worth it.

  4. indeed, the group shot looks great, they look like a proper regiment, small but perfectly formed.

    GW really missed the boat by not making many female dwarfs..... Of course it is said female dwarfs had lovely beards as well :D