Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clash of the shields

Now that my unit of warriors wielding two-handed axes is almost (OK half) completed, I have to think about my next problem: how to paint these damn' shields and standards... Fortunately, looking for inspiration gives me a perfect alibi to see fantasy movies, sometimes good, sometimes reaaaally bad. The last one was "Wrath of The Titans" (the sequel of "Clash of The Titans"), and believe it or not, I've found something!

OK, for those who haven't seen it, a brief summary: at the beginning, Perseus doesn't want to get involved in divine conflicts. It lasts about 15 minutes, then he gets very angry, kills a monster, rides Pegasus, defeats other monsters, then Ares, then a lava giant (Kronos), and (spoiler alert!) finally kisses the queen. End of story. So... shields...

Hmm... red and yellow. No thanks.

Cardboard shields. No thanks.

 My favorite sequence: the great greek army. "Beware Kronos, for we are Legion" ^_^

A closer view of the shields (they're supposed to protect from lava bursts.. you know, kind of magic shields):

Wait, the end already?

So, where was my find? Actually, right at the beginning: I should have stopped after 20 seconds, after seeing the logo of the producers, Legendary Pictures...

Now, the painting!

Soon, you'll see the owner of this "legendary" shield ;o)