Monday, July 23, 2018

Searching inspiration in Gary Chalk's illustrations for Lone Wolf

Like I guess many others, I'm a big fan of Gary Chalk, as I find his work particularly inspiring when painting miniature models. As a matter of fact, I've already used some of his designs for several shields in my Pfeildorf army, based on the illustrations he made more than a decade ago for Cadwallon, the role-playing game published by Rackham, and more than three decades ago for the 3rd edition Warhammer Army Book.

I've recently discovered Project Aon, which provides Internet editions of Lone Wolf books, some being illustrated by Gary Chalk. This post is a convenient way to archive all the designs that could be useful in the future to paint my imperial army.

Enjoy, or follow the links (in the titles) to re-discover Lone Wolf Adventures and Gary Chalk's illustrations.

Flight from the Dark

Fire on the Water

The Caverns of Kalte

The Chasm of Doom

 Shadow on the Sand


The Kingdoms of Terror

 Castle Death

The Jungle of Horrors

Lone Wolf Poster Painting Book

 (check the PDF online)

The Magnamund Companion

(again,  check the PDF online)


  1. Ce n'est pas l'illustrateur qui me vient le 1er à l'esprit en matière de Fantasy mais qu'est-ce que c'est bon. Intemporel. D'ailleurs je suis tombé il n'y a pas longtemps sur une série d'illustrations faites pour Cadwallon et que je n'avais jamais vues, un régal à reluquer :)

    1. Hein ? Tu as trouvé ça où ?

    2. C'était dans cet album là :

    3. Un régal, effectivement. Et les idées de conversion qui vont avec :p Merci !

  2. Merci pour cette compilation :)

  3. Hey I used to read some of the Lone Wolf books when younger ... wow the memories. Yes, the shield designs do look good! :)