Thursday, June 8, 2017

Empire standard-bearer

Another violation of the "Marauder only" rule, and I can't even say that it was sculpted by Aly Morrison, as the designer is Mark Copplestone. Anyway, this is the standard-bearer that will join the mercenary regiment (until I find a better idea).

And the wild bunch:


  1. These are so consistently excellent. Keep up the good work.

  2. Your brushwork, as always, leaves me in awe of your ability.

  3. He looks like a good idea to me!

  4. What range is this figure from? Are you planning on adding a musician - trumpeter/horn blower or drummer?

    Using the Orange book, I'm planning on fielding 20-30 swordsmen in a mixed unit: 50% double-handed weapons and shields and 50% sword and shield, since WFB3 doesn't offer any benefits for the latter.

    1. Citadel. Hard to find though :) I'm indeed planning to include a musician, probably the drummer of the Marauder Miniatures range.

    2. :-(

      A dynamic sculpt, but the Empire Griffin would've looked out of place with my Estalian/Tilean sell swords and have come to realize the benefits of interchangeable flags: . From the MM60 range, will either use a converted F10 or F28 as the standard bearer.

      How about MM62's CZ 20? It comes with an hand drum and a trumpet and Citadel's C-26 10 is for those preferring non-slashed clothing.

      Since the MM60 figures are $10+ each :-( , 50-75% of the unit will be plastic Mordheim Mercenaries/Empire Free Company figures - close in style to the Marauder Fighters.

    3. MM62 CZ20 is nice, but I think he fits more in a militia rather than in a unit of hardened mercenaries. I'm more willing to use the MM61 drummer.
      And yes, the MM60/MM61 are sold at incredibly high prices :(

  5. J'ai une plus grande tendresse pour ton armée de nains mais il faut reconnaître que ton coup de pinceau s'est affiné au fil des réalisations. Globalement tout cela a gagné en profondeur. Une bonne photo de groupe, bah ça enfonce toujours le clou! :)