Saturday, March 11, 2017

Swordsman #6

All right, back to the hired swords with this warrior from the MM60 range (reference F13).

Nothing much to say about the painting, except that I've used for the arms of the shield an illustration found in the Warhammer 3rd edition rulebook and signed by Chris Achilleos: Blood Royale or The King Must Die.

Seeing the final result, I realise that I should have drown the crown and the snake slightly bigger on the shield. Too late...


  1. Brilliant! He looks like a 4th century AD Goth (German) by his armour and clothes. :)

  2. Amazing, and the old school vibe is there. Keep going please, you are a source of inspiration my friend!!! I am still painting my fantasy dwarf army, feeling old now...hahaha

  3. Very nicely done, freehand and all.

  4. Thanks all of you! The next swordsman should follow soon...