Friday, July 22, 2016

Looking for Aly Morrison's model (part 2)

White Dwarf 92 (1987)

Now, back to the picture of F2 fighters released in White Dwarf 92, and let's try to find additional members of Aly's family:

Militia Man and Gaston Spearer

Halberdier and Maximillian the Brave
Imperial pistolier and Georg Lightfoot
Altdorf Captain and Altdorf Infantry

Bernard Swiftbolt and Tielan crossbowman

Mercenary Captain and Altdorf Axeman

Mercenary Swordsman and Mercenary Axeman

Ostland Irregular and Altdorf Seargent

Rupert of Marienburg and Germinus Hero Captain
Sir Crispen of Talabheim and anonymous C01 Fighter (picture from CcmWiki)

Well, that's it, we have identified a good part of Aly's fighters, indistinctly attributed to Aly and Trish Morrison in White Dwarf 87:

White Dwarf 87 - The Stuff of Legends
Now, based on the Militia pages in the 1991 Red Catalogue, which credits Aly Morrison and the Perry twins for the miniature design, we know that the green dotted Enrico Boldlance (Halberd 7), the Gunnery captain (Mace) and the Arquebusier (Arquebus) were also designed by Aly Morrison...

... which leaves us with Rombustus Sellsword, the Mercenary crossbowman, Ernst Stoutheart and Astol the Archer:
Given the face of these models, plus the dynamic pose of Rombustus, the crossbowman and the archer, there is little doubt that they were sculpted by Aly Morrison!

Let's check again the militia pages of the Red Catalogue and compare them to the Dogs of War page from the 1988 Citadel Miniatures Catalogue, crediting Aly and Trish Morrison as the designers of the whole range. The purple dots designate the models found in common in both catalogues, wich allows attributing them to Aly Morrison.

Now playing  the "Game of Clones", the following miniatures can also be assumed to be designed by Aly Morrison:

which leaves us with the following models without a sculptor's name to put on:
Well, if you have any information, feel free to share :)


  1. I love this kind of research!! keep it coming!

  2. Blue beat me to it, except I was going to say "this kind of detective work."

  3. Thanks :) The more you dig, the more models you discover. Endless collection I'm afraid...

  4. While miniatures have come a long way, these 'oldies' still look cool!