Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Militiamen #4 and #5

Two new members of Pfeildorf's Guildhouse militia, both from the MM62 citizen range. The sword of the first reference (CZ16) was already missing when I bought it: I've simply added a spear from Bood-Wargames Miniatures.

For the second one (CZ23), I've removed the dagger, filled the hole with brown stuff and added a shield.

And the first rank is now complete:


  1. What brown are you using for the leather armour?

    1. VMC Tan Yellow and Andrea flesh color#5 for the basecoat. Tan Yellow and P3 Menoth white for the highlight. And brown inks (Valleo and Army Painter) for the shadows.

    2. Is Andrea flesh #5 similiar to any Vallejo colours?

    3. Unfortunately, I haven't found any equivalence. Seems close to the old GW snakebite leather, there should be a similar tone in the Vallejo Model Color range. No guarantee with the final result though.