Thursday, September 3, 2015

312 points of Quarrellers

As I said before, the quarellers are done. Proof by picture:


  1. Simply superb!! Some of my favourite models in these units. One of the highlights of my hobby are your updates. Looking forward to more :-)

  2. Sublime !
    They're just full of character and they still look good as a chole. Just perfect in every way. When will we see a picture of the full army now ?

  3. Aaaaaaaaahhh mortel !!!

    Nobody can stop him !!! Wonderful !!!!

  4. I'm afraid I have to send you my dentist bill, to pay for the damage to my jaw as it dropped and hit the laptop. Absolutely wonderful. All your work is inspirational, but this could well be the best of all. Just. Simply. Superb.

  5. @all, thanks a lot for your support. I have to admit that these dwarves look really good when shot together :D
    But you'll have to wait for the full army: there is still a war machine missing, plus the characters. Hopefully by end 2015.