Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crossbowmen #14 and #15

I've been trying to finish my second unit of crossbowmen for several weeks now, and it's really not easy. The reason is I don't like the last models I have in my possession, and I don't feel a desperate need to paint them. But before starting something more exciting, this has to be done... (boring)
So, let's start with two Maurauder Miniatures quarellers, probably the worst models of this range: look at their clothes, they look like dressing gowns! Fortunately, the beard of the red hair guy is really nice to paint.

And before I forget, Clam asked me to explain how I take my pictures. So here is my painting and shooting corner: two IKEA desk lamps equipped with day-light bulbs and a blue sheet of paper.

That's it!


  1. Oh, des nains en bure :P
    Elles sont mimi ces figs pourtant...

  2. Thanks :-) looks so simple when you show it like this, doesn't it? And still you present some of the best pictures I've seen at CDO.
    And those dwarfs are stunning. Have them both here in my MM pile. Beautiful miniatures especially after the Jaeckel treatment

  3. Nice to see some more dwarfs! I agree - looks like dwarf sleep wear :) /Hans

  4. Thanks for the incredible minis and for helping us (me at least) to improve or photographing device. I'll make a special tutorial of all the "don'ts" an dlike to your "do"

  5. Excellent, j'ai les memes lampes Ikea sur mon bureau :)T'es ampoules tu les a acheté où si c'est pas indiscret?

    Pour la peinture tu restes toujours à ton niveau qui est excellent malgré le fait que tu sois dans "le creux de la vague" si je puis dire. C' est fatale dans un projet peinture d'armée... Faut manger son pain noir :)

    1. Merci. Les ampoules, je les ai achetées à Paris, dans une boutique spécialisée dans les luminaires : je crois me souvenir que c'était au Bazar de l’Électricité (34 Bd Henri IV), mais ça fait quelques années déjà, je ne sais pas s'ils en font toujours.

      Et pour le pain noir indigeste, je suis servi :p