Sunday, April 14, 2013

Don't forget you banner, Bruce!

Now I'm approaching the end of my regiment, it's time to think about the standard bearer. You may remember that I want to give a "Crusaders" look to this army, which means that I need banners and not the dwarf icons I usually choose (NMM is much easier to paint than a large piece of cloth).

Standard bearer painted in 2010 for the French Golden Demon
The problem is my last attempt in making a banner with epoxy putty was not really satisfying.

Thick, large and no fold, it made the painting job rather tedious...

So, instead of working hard until I get a proper result, I've chosen the easy way: plastic standards on old models! On the left, you'll recognize an imperial dwarf with the new Dwarf warrior banner; and on the right, the Bugman's standard bearer with the upper part of a Bretonnian knight's lance.

The second one will probably defend the colours of my axemen regiment: I like the simplicity and the "irregular troop" look of this model...


  1. Bruce Banner :) tes nains sont vraiment superbes. Tu veux pas essayer de faire une bannière papier?

    1. Non, pas fan du papier, c'est trop fin par rapport aux tuniques portées par les figurines... et c'est souvent trop plat et statique pour être crédible. Ceci dit, je n'ai pas encore trouvé de solution miracle !

  2. Genius idea! I used that bugman figure as my standard bearer for years and nothing matched! Consider this idea stolen!

  3. Great stuff here! Love it!

  4. sacralige! I do hope those mini's were broken before you converted them, all unbroken old lead should be treasured and preserved.

    Yeah right if everyone belived that, we wouldn't have such great conversions LOL