Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A short history of shields

I've recently started to think about the painting of my clansmen, once the first 10 crossbowmen are complete. My main worry was the shields, since I don't like the GW plastic ones and since I've wasted some of my precious Marauder Miniatures shields on poorly painted minis (I was young, I didn't know). Whatever...

So, after taking advice on Bugman's Brewery forum, I've ordered some Wargames Foundry shields and I've just received them with an additional free (and lovely) viking figure:

Nevertheless, I'm not totally satisfied: the round Viking shields seem a little bit big for my dwarves. And the Norman Kite shields blister was a real disappointment. As shown on the official picture, they're ornamented with nice bosses:

 Errr... and as you can see in my blister, they've been replaced by...  a hole :(

So I'll see what I can do with the round ones!

ADDENDUM (on November 29th) Wargames Foundry has sent me a second set of blisters with bossed shields (for free!).


  1. Too bad about the shields, did you find any alternative manufacturers?

    1. No, I didn't: I'm afraid that the Hasslefree shields are too small for the Citadel scale.