Saturday, June 3, 2023

OWAC VI - Shif Doppler and more guards

The 6th edition of the OWAC is close to the end, and all I've been able to paint as an army general is the lieutenant of the guards, Shif Doppler, and... more guards!

Shif Doppler has been heavily tainted by Chaos: he can turn his head and arms by 360 degrees, and his face is so corrupted that he's hiding it under a silver mask depicting a handsome youngman. 

In terms of miniature, I have used the model proposed in the original scenario pack to depict this character, but carved the helmet to replace the head by an AOS Stormcast face, and equipped it with a Warcry miniature flail (part of his equipment in the scenario).

As for the guards, they are based on the imperial halberdiers designed by the Perry brothers in the 90s: I have either swapped the heads, or trimmed down the fancy feathers to give the original helmets a more severe look. I have also replaced two halberds by man catchers, very useful to capture new subjects for Lady Margritte's experiments 💀

The full rank:

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