Saturday, June 3, 2023

OWAC VI - Slagdarg the Torturer

Slagdarg is the official torturer of Castle Wittgenstein: not particularly bright, this mutant ogre is fully dedicated to his job, and keeps questioning his guests... without listening to their answers.

To build this character, I have modified the Gutlagg Executioner model designed by Jes Goodwin by separating the head from the body, trimming down the shoulders, then lenghtening the torso by adding the upper armour piece of a Kruleboyz boss. I thought the chains, locks and keys would fit nicely with the honorable profession of Mr. Slagdarg.

Slagdarg's mutations consist in a bright green skin with orange hairs on his arms. Not exactly my comfort zone... 

In the end, way too much time spent on this model:

May's production:

See you in June with what's left to paint!