Wednesday, July 8, 2020

OWAC III Conclusion

It's time to conclude the crusade of Pieter the Pious: 66 models painted in a six-month period, plus one month to prepare them.

My initial intent was to use the imperial miniatures unable to join my Pfeildorf army, and of course, I ended up buying a bunch of new models matching the religious theme of Pieter's band... I guess I'm lucky that clerics and monks are not the most sought-after oldies on eBay 😑. Anyway...

Pictures of this 1000 point army:

The last painting job concluding my OWAC: a little gift for the organizer/overlord of this challenge. Thanks again, Iannick!

I now have two armies to use my Citadel and Marauder imperial miniatures: the plan is still to replace red dot by green ones... and stop adding red dots of course...

I'll try to beef up my pilgrims in the coming months.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The last monks

Last but not least to conclude the OWAC III, three monks painted to join Pieter's followers.
The cross bearer is an old Harlequin miniature, slightly modified by adding candles. The other monks come from the Citadel C3 clerics and C46 villagers ranges.

That's it for June!

The Dirty Eight

No pressure for the sixth month of the OWAC III, as I had already reached the 1000-point threshold in May. So, I came back to my initial plan (meaning before introducing the cannon-bell and its crew), and painted the bunch of beggars and fanatics I had prepared last December: the dirty eight.

A golden opportunity to finally use some of the ugliest miniatures of my Citadel pile: the C46 villagers (I know I know, nobody forced me to buy them). Anyway...

Let's start with two modest conversions, to represent the standard bearer and the musician. You'll recognize the usual bits of the flagellant plastic sprues.

MM62 - CZ6
MM62 - CZ6
C46 - Bolg
C46 - Bolg

Enter the beggars:

C46 Travelling Players - Beggard
C46 Travelling Players - Beggar
C46 Militia - Wiggle
C46 Militia - Wiggle
C46 Villagers - Beggar
C46 Villagers - Beggar
C46 Villagers - Leper
C46 Villagers - Leper

 And finally the only two fanatics of the bunch! (F2 fighters I assume designed by Aly Morrison):

The dirty eight!

Ready to fight (well... sort of)

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pieter the Pious

To lead my pilgrims to the disaster and conclude OWAC III, one key character was missing: Pieter the Pious.

My initial plan was to add something liked the golden cross carried by the crusaders army Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven movie.

In the end, I found easier to combine the war altar sculpted by Michael Perry, with the bearers of the C22 Slann wizard designed by Trish Morrison.

As you can see on the following pictures, I've slightly converted the altar by adding candles and a little lectern. The not-so-gold NMM is a mix of Battledress Green P3, darkened by VMC Brown Violet and sometimes Dark Sea Blue, and highlighted with VMC Japan Uniform, VMC Ivory and sometimes white. The oxydation is made by glazes of different shades of turquoise, light blue and green-blue. 

Regarding the bearers, I've briefly considered adding them hoods, but the heads and necks are so weird that I wasn't sure about the final result. I've finally painted a black cross on their face, to give them a pilgrim flavor.

Regarding Pieter, I've chosen a Citadel C3 cleric (called Inner Sight) whose posture is close to the altar. I can't say it's a great model (arms a little bit too thick and legs a little bit short), but it'll do the job, I guess.

In terms of points, Pieter is a level 20 wizard: 240 points. So that's it, I've reached the 1000 points in 5 months, right on time to pack all my stuff and move out!