Saturday, September 29, 2012

A pint of beer for my first mini!

Cheers! I've recently re-discovered this miniature in one of my many boxes of to-do dwarves. One week before the term of the September painting contest of Bugman's Brewery, perfect timing!

The model comes in two parts, plus little accessories and, the most important, a ready-to-paint base (yeah, making bases is not exactly my favorite part of the hobby):

(picture from Freebooter Miniatures)

I had no idea where I was supposed to fix the first item (maybe a miniature heater?) and I've finally glued it on the base, in front of the model... As you can see on the resulting pictures, that was a really bad idea, since it distracts the eye from the most important part... the Dwarf Hero!


All right, first message, what can I say? In addition to the website I lead with my pal, Haekel & Jaeckel, I've decided to open a blog to share pictures in a more regular way.

Besides, my love for dwarf miniatures tends to pollute the first page with bearded faces: this blog will allow me to give free rein to my obsessions without undergoing the acerbic comments of my partner. So, be prepared to monotonous updates with dwarfs, dwarfs and errr... dwarfs.